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Tru-ID is a podcast that focuses on Christian apologetics and tackling the issues of our time from a Christian perspective. The host of Tru-ID, Adam Coleman, hopes to honor Jesus Christ by engaging questions about and objections to Christianity, particularly those related to the African American community. Podcast episodes will explore race, the allegation that Christianity is the "white man's religion", history, science, philosophy, current events, and various ways to defend the Christian faith. The central theme of the Tru-ID Podcast series is that our true identity is to be found in God who has made mankind in His image.
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Welcome to my podcast page!

Tru-ID is my effort to contribute to the ongoing dialogue within our culture concerning topics like Christianity, race, morality, politics, and the merits of the Christian faith. On this journey we're all about sharing the gospel of Christ as we learn, grow, and tackle tough questions. Come along for the ride!

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Jun 7, 2024

In recent social media skirmishes, Adam Coleman, has been getting PRESSED on the subject of the Trinity. One particular argument on Facebook didn't end so kindly. Tune into this podcast episode featuring none other that the BK Apologist, Alfredo Valentin, as we discuss objections to the Trinity from Hebrew Israelite influencer Dr. Kelly Richardson!

May 18, 2024

Many people today are *blindly* accepting the notion that to be a "Black Christian" is an oxymoron. I say "blindly" because I'd argue that a careful consideration of the interplay between African ethnicity/identity/heritage and Christianity affords us rational grounds to affirm Christianity without undermining our "blackness". In a recent video  @GarrisonHayes  presents a set of concerns related to church, black history, and suffering for which some, like his interviewee Dr. Anthony Pinn, would suggest that given "Christianity's" track record with black people we shouldn't be Christians and that it might very well be the case that if God exists he likely hates black people. As I say all the time, most people are poor historians and even worse philosophers. In this video I give a very brief overview of reasons why someone can be black and have rational grounds to be a Christian. For the sake of not making a 10 hour response I've held back on some of the directions one could go in answering these questions but provided links throughout the video to resources for viewers who want to go further.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the original version of this response video I mistakenly referred to Garrison as an atheist but should have been more careful to say that he has put forth a form of argument that atheists present (ie problem of evil). The argument from evil and suffering against Christianity was then defended during this interview by well-known black atheist/secular humanist, Dr. Anthony Pinn. So with respect to Pinn, it is the case that, as I said in my intro, “atheist says black Christians need to leave Christianity alone.” I originally intended to speak more directly to Pinn’s argument but cut the video short for the sake of being concise. In doing so I framed my commentary as if Garrison were forwarding Pinn’s argument. While the response I would give to the question Garrison posed at the beginning of his video would remain the same I do apologize for mislabeling him and implying anything inaccurate about him. #thinkonthesethings and hit that play button! #urbanapologetics #Christianity #Apologetics #race

Sep 30, 2023

The church is teetering on the verge of losing credibility in the black community!!! In this episode, Isaiah Robertson shares research from his new hard-hitting book "Risks We Must Take: Choices the Black Church Must Make to Avoid a Credibility Crisis" This is a must watch🔥🔥🔥

Sep 12, 2023

Ignorance is not a Christian virtue!

In this episode, Adam Coleman and Pastor Matt Castillo discuss how vital it is to know what you believe and why you believe it as a committed follower of Christ. We also touch on the recent imprisonment of #brotherpolight for child sexual abuse charges as we discuss the real world pitfalls of having a faulty worldview.

Event Announcement: If you are in the DMV area, PA, NJ, NY etc. be sure to come out to the BIC Theology Conference which will be hosted by Pastor Castillo and will feature yours truly, Adam Coleman, as a speaker at the conference!!!

GO TO: BICTHEOLOGY.COM to register! Watch now!!!

Jan 8, 2023

Like many of you out there, the tragic injury of #nfl player #damarhamlin of the #buffalobills forced me to look in the mirror and ask some hard questions. In this video, I share 3 lessons this situation brought me back to and why as a Christian I may never watch football again.

Dec 15, 2022

Answering life’s BIGGEST questions is not just something for super brainiac theologians to do.


In our everyday lives you never know when you might be at the barbershop, grocery store, or wherever and an opportunity might come up for you to come alongside someone to help them wrestle with difficult questions.


In this segment yours truly, Adam Coleman, is joined by Pastor Jerome Gay Jr. to breakdown a conversation that took place with rapper, Lil Scrappy, on Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion” Podcast. We give evidence and answers in response to the various topics Lil Scrappy and the Math Hoffa Podcast team raise including questions about:


How and when God intervenes in our lives?


Is the Bible inspired by God and reliable?


Has Christianity been white-washed? If so, how?


You definitely want to tune in for this video, share it, and if you haven’t done so already subscribe to Jerome Gay Jr.’s Urban Perspective Youtube Channel!

Dec 24, 2021
In case you didn't know, when it comes to crushing false doctrine my guest, EJ "Thunder" Lauriston is not to be played with!!!
In his new hard-hitting book, "Hiding In Plain Sight:The False Doctrines of Seventh-Day Adventism Vol. 1", Lauriston gives us the first installment of his series in which he takes on the false doctrine of Seventh-Day Adventism (SDA). Lauriston pulls no punches as he dismantles SDA false teaching with the Word of God, rightly interpreted.
I have read Lauriston's book and fully endorse it as a resource that every disciple of Christ, apologist, minister, etc. should have on their shelf. You don't want to miss this interview of EJ "Thunder" Lauriston giving us an overview of key themes and biblical teachings he addresses in, "Hiding In Plain Sight"!!!
(Also on Itunes and other podcast outlets)
Facebook: realadamcoleman
Twitter: @scottlane7
Instagram: Truid_Podcast
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Dec 23, 2021

Is Adam Coleman becoming a prosperity preacher?!!!! Nah, fam… I will say this though. The biblical worldview has much more to offer than high-minded theological truths and philosophy. One of the ways we can help people to see the value of the biblical worldview is highlighting how it can be applied to everyday life. The Bible has plenty to say about how to manage finances in a healthy way. Unfortunately, what the Bible really says about money has often been overshadowed by shady individuals who mishandle and/or misrepresent the scriptures so they can exploit people. One of the things we talk about in this interview with my dude Steve Stack is reclaiming a healthy view of finances, giving, saving, and investing from a biblical perspective. 🔽BLOG SITE🔽 🔽SUPPORT OUR MINISTRY🔽 🔽BUY TRU-ID APOLOGETICS GEAR🔽 Http:// 🔽PODCAST ARCHIVES🔽 (Also on Itunes and other podcast outlets) 🔽SOCIAL MEDIA🔽 Facebook: realadamcoleman Twitter: @scottlane7 Instagram: Truid_Podcast For Booking: For Questions & Feedback:

Jul 7, 2021

Of all the chapters in our recently released book on Urban Apologetics, edited by Dr. Eric Mason, I believe the final chapter on spiritual warfare is the most important! In this interview, Dr. Mason, gives us a snippet of what every apologist, and indeed, every Christian needs in their arsenal! You NEED to watch this interview... SPECIAL NOTE: This interview is the relaunch of the Tru-ID Podcast!!! For those who were waiting for it to return and/or prefer audio podcast content, feel free to enjoy this interview and others to come at, apple podcasts, and other outlets. 🔽SUPPORT OUR MINISTRY🔽 Paypal: 🔽BLOG SITE🔽 🔽BUY TRU-ID APOLOGETICS GEAR🔽 Http:// 🔽PODCAST ARCHIVE🔽 (Also on Itunes and other podcast outlets) 🔽SOCIAL MEDIA🔽 Facebook: realadamcoleman Twitter: @scottlane7 Instagram: Truid_Apologetics

Jan 29, 2020

Just a few days ago LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and several others met their tragic end when their private helicopter crashed leaving no survivors. Needless to say this horrific event has sent shockwaves throughout society as people are left with so many questions about why things like this happen and how to respond in the face of tragedy.

In this episode we welcome Dr. Douglas Groothuis, author and professor of philosophy at Denver Seminary, as we discuss the biblical notions of "lament" and how "suffering well" as an outworking and reflection of hope. Tune in for this won't regret that you did...

Dec 27, 2019

As promised I'm droppin this full interview of which I featured a clip just a earlier this week on Youtube. Dr. Jamal Dominique-Hopkins is a heavy weight guest on our podcast who breaks down what the Dead Scrolls are, what information they contain, and why Christians should be interested in them. He also takes some time to shoot down some wild claims recently made by Dame Dash on Big Boy TV concerning the Dead Sea Scrolls. Listen now!

Nov 29, 2019

Waddup my peoples!!

We’re back once again with a dope interview featuring an apologist who has been putting in major work! Nefer Nitty is well-known among the urban apologetics community and we caught up with her to talk about how to engage people with apologetics. We also discussed some of the challenges that come along with being a urban apologist. Check it out!!

Key Topics:

Nefer Nitty’s journey from the Yoruba religion to Christ.

How to engage people with apologetics.

Being woke and Christian: Is it a contradiction, ungodly, or biblical?

Oct 16, 2019

Y'all know what it is man! For anyone who has been following me or been active in the Urban apologetics community, you know there was a huge debate at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia between Dr. Vince Bantu and Brother Jabari Osaze.


They tackled 3 main topics:


Is Christianity the White Man's religion?


Is Christianity a copy of Kemetic Spirituality? (Egyptian Myth)


Christianity or Kemet: Which One has the answer for the black community?


I caught up with Dr. Bantu for a post-debate interview that you definitely want to tune in for. We talked about his preparation for the event, thought process behind the argumentation he presented at the debate, as well as additional points that Dr. Bantu explains which provide further support for arguments he made at the debate. 


This interview is fire!!!

Oct 10, 2019

Weeee back! I know I've been gone for a while and I've got a lot of explaining to do but we're back at it and have some exciting things coming so stay tuned. 

For anyone who has been keeping up with things in the urban apologetics community you know that last week there was a major event last weekend: The Great Debate between Dr. Vince Bantu and Brother Jabari Osaze.

As the footage from the debate is released Alfredo Valentin and yours truly will be going live on Youtube and doing in depth analysis of the debate round by round and point by point. 


In this episode we give our initial thoughts on the debate, some background on how it came about and our involvement behind the scenes, as well as spilling the beans on stuff that popped off that took us by surprise. Check us out...

Sep 10, 2019
Maaaan listen. Ollaudah Equiano is among my favorite figures of African/African-American history hands down. You guys are really in for a treat as we discuss the faith and life journey of Olaudah Equiano with special guest, Dr. Eric Washington, who is a historian that has specialized in studying Equiano's life!
Key Points:
Ollaudah Equiano’s journey from West Africa, to slavery, to being a world-changing abolitionist.
Equiano’s Reformed theology and how his commitment to Christ led him to fight chattel slavery. 
The importance of ethnic and cultural diversity among academics in institutions of higher learning.
Jul 5, 2019

On July 5, 1852, Frederick Douglas presented what is perhaps his most famous speech, which is generally titled, "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?". At the Corinthian Hall, in Rochester New York, Douglass made this speech to the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society.

Douglass is by far my favorite figure of African American history. He had a brilliant mind that certainly shined through in his writings and accomplishments as an abolitionist. 

In this episode, we take a look at sections of "What to the Slave is the 4th of July?" and explore what many African Americans experience as a tension between that which can be appreciated about America/American history and grappling with harsh moral realities of America/American history.

I'll attempt to draw insights from Frederick Douglas and point out how this issue may intersect with how we go about doing so called "urban" apologetics. I'm somewhat shooting from the hip in this episode.

I haven't got it all completely worked out in my thinking yet and would welcome feedback from y'all out there. Enjoy...


Jun 7, 2019
Waddup y’all! I had a blast doing this interview! In this episode we feature the author of “Counterfeit Charisma: The Age of False Prophets”. 
Dr. Woods is a renowned author and Pastor of Power of the Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministries. We’re taking deception in the church head on in this episode and giving our listeners tools to discern what is of God and what is deception.
Key topics:
Exposing this era of false prophets that have gained followings on TBN, Word Network, etc.
Clear biblical guidelines on how to separate the real from the fake!
If we’re going to defend the faith effectively we’ve got to defend it against false doctrine in the church as well
May 2, 2019

Waddup Tru-ID Familia!

A while back I taught a series at No Ceilings Bible Study on the subject of the “Problem of Evil”. For those who have been following the Tru-ID Podcast, you'll recall that I posted the first two Bible study sessions and mentioned that there would be a third.

Welp, as I was digging through some old files on my computer I realized I hadn't posted the third segment of that series. So let's get that corrected right now shall we?

In the previous two sessions we covered basics of what the “problem of evil” is and responses to the “Logical Version of the Problem of Evil”. In this next episode we will tackle the “Inductive/Evidential version of the Problem of Evil (or Suffering)”. Tune in!

Apr 12, 2019
Mar 22, 2019

For some time I've been intending to do an episode on the issue of abortion. It's an issue I've been very vocal about in the past and have recently felt compelled to re-engage in the public square.

Just a few weeks ago the national conversation about abortion sharply intensified when New York passed a bill which significantly weakened the regulations related to elective abortions particularly in regard to late term abortions. When a similar bill was proposed in my home state of Virginia, I found myself uncomfortable with being on the sidelines of this and other social issues. As a first step in getting more involved I decided to reach out to someone that I believe could speak to this subject in a way that my listeners would greatly benefit from.

Today's guest, Scott Klusendorf, is a nationally recognized pro-life advocate and president of the Life Training Institute.  He has lectured on and debated the issue of abortion on over 80 colleges and universities, regularly conducted pro-life advocacy trainings and is the author of "The Case for Life". Yours truly caught up with Scott Klusendorf to talk about the following:

What is the current state of the abortion debate in America and in the church?

Do I have to become a Trump supporter or Republican to be on the right side of the abortion question?

How to make a 3 step argument for the pro-life position.

You don’t wanna miss this one!!!


P.S.: Ironically, this show is about kids and it just so happened that during the recording my 2 year old wandered into my studio area so you briefly hear him in the background smh. Shoutout to special guest Kaiden Coleman

Mar 14, 2019

Urban Apologist Alfredo Valentin 

Droppin Biblical Jewels & Addressing Conflict amongst the Urban Apologetics Community

Topic: Alfredo Valentin is well respected in the urban apologetics community and for a reason. He has tons to offer folks who are seeking answers to address the objections to Christianity we face in our context and he always carries himself in a way that builds bridges rather than tears down. I caught up with Alfredo to discuss the following:


-The importance of Bible study and handling God’s Word properly in the life of an apologist.


-The current state of the urban apologetics community.


- How to address the conflict between urban apologists so that we can keep our focus on winning the lost and edifying believers.


Tune in for this one y’all! 



Feb 12, 2019

Yoooooo Waddup my peoples! Your boy Adam Coleman is on the run but I was able to hop on the line with Dr. Michael Heiser for a dope interview!

Dr. Heiser is a professional academic and an established author with specialization in the Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages. Key topics discussed in this episode are:
Old Testament texts in the context of the Ancient Near East
“Ye are gods”?: Analyzing a scripture Conscious Community misuses ALL the time
Did Jesus claim to be God?
Is the Trinity an unbiblical invention of Greco Roman philosophy?
Jan 17, 2019

Waddup y'all!

On the last show I took a slight detour in our broader discussion on Social Justice to examine how the moral frameworks of the worldviews that are gaining traction in the black community and jockeying for position against Christianity. "Black" Atheism was the focus of our last episode but now we'll take a look at other notable conscious community contenders.

In this episode I will offer basic arguments/ critiques of the moral frameworks of Hebrew Israelite theology, Islam, Moorish Science, and Kemetic Science. As I’ve suggested about atheism, these other spiritual systems cannot provide as solid a foundation for ethics and social justice as we find in the Christian worldview.

Jan 15, 2019

Last time we talked about how the God of Christianity provides a plausible moral foundation for social justice. In this episode I continue my discussion on social justice by offering a light summary of the kinds of things that have led me to the conclusion that atheism cannot offer a foundation for ethics that is as firm as what we find in the biblical worldview. This is the first of 2 episodes that I'll be releasing this week so stay tuned as we will shift from critiquing atheism to looking at the moral framework of Hebrew Israelism, Islam, Moorish Science, and Kemetic Science.

Dec 18, 2018

In this episode we continue our series on social justice. One of the main issues I hoped to deal with in this series is to dispel the Conscious Community myth that Christianity has nothing to offer the black community in terms of providing a basis for grappling with suffering and specific moral realities of the "black experience" here in the West as well. 

In response to this erroneous notion about the biblical worldview I am working my way through a number of "building blocks" to biblical morality which debunk this idea. Tune in to this episode in which we explore the first and most important of our building blocks.


Breaking down the connection between social justice and moral claims

The nature of God as the foundation for morality

Does the biblical worldview have what it takes to back up moral claims?

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